As filmmakers, we know the size of projects can increase suddenly, so we built WavePost to account for that. There are no overage fees. The cost simply grows and shrinks with your usage, and when you delete the media, you'll be charged a prorated amount for the storage used.

  Free Pro
Perfect for Casual users or freelancers who work at different companies Freelancers and businesses that create many videos and files needing to be shared
Storage Limited to 2 GB No limit
Max file size 2 GB 1 TB
Number of projects Unlimited Unlimited
Number of themes for branded presentations 1 Unlimited
Files allowed Only audio and video files All file types can be uploaded
Number of collaborators you can link to your account ? None Unlimited
Cost Free $2 per GB
of storage per month

Practical Examples

The table below shows how our simple pricing structure works out, in practice. With WavePost Pro plans, you can use as much or as little space as you need, and aren't held to a specific amount.

  Free Small Large Enterprise
If you use... 2GB 25GB 100GB 500GB+
Amount of video
(If the uploaded videos have an average bitrate of 5mbps)
55 min 700 min 46 hrs 230 hrs+
Number of coworkers you can link to your account None Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of themes for branded presentations 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Your cost will be... Free $50 / month $200 / month Let's talk

How is WavePost different?

Most services charge you the same amount every month and hit you with huge overage fees if you go over your storage limit. That's not fair for film and video producers whose media can grow rapidly.

With WavePost, you pay for what you use, plain and simple. If you have a project that suddenly requires a lot of storage, you can use as much as you want and then delete it when you're done. WavePost will charge you a prorated amount for that storage.

So what does that mean?

If you have 10GB of files stored on WavePost for a month, you'll be charged $20. If you delete those files after half the month, you'll only be charged $10. It's that simple.

Give WavePost a try and see how it is an essential tool for any filmmaker.

Enterprise Accounts

For larger businesses, Enterprise accounts are also available. Our Enterprise accounts combine the flexibility of our Pro Accounts with additional features and benefits.

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